Charge Back Policy

Any unlawful charge backs will result in a $500 fine and the resulting court fees


We do not provide any refunds unless we are not able to accommodate your service. Deposits are final and non-transferrable. If your originally booked procedure has any date changes you will need to make a new deposit for your new dates


Be sure to go over all the massage dates with your consultant at least 2 weeks prior.


Realistic expectations, no guarantee, results vary

Be advised that results may vary based upon variables, parameter, predetermined genetic dispositions — age, BMI, ethnicity, dermal elasticity, liver function, immune system, diet, metabolism and other personal factors outside of the control of Precise Massage.


We reserve the right to deny services to clients should they feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or their ability to provide services in a healthy manner becomes compromised. Any financial retribution will be handled on a case by case basis resulting in either a 50% refund or 0% refund; either will be upon the discretion of the company.


Same day appointment alterations due to oversleeping, not hearing the phone or front door, providing and confirming the wrong address, or not communicating your postop appointments will result in a forfeiture of said appointment. If your appointment is forfeited and you would like a same day reschedule to be fit back into the schedule you will be subject to a $50 fee due at the time of rescheduling.