Frequently Asked Questions

Body Sculpting (also known as Body Contouring) is a group of  non-surgical procedures used to alter the body. This includes, but is not limited to: wood therapy, skin tightening, laser lip, cavitation, etc. 


What is Body Cavitation ?

non invasive procedure that uses sound waves to disrupt and liquefy fat cells. The liquid fat is then filtered and expelled through the body’s own natural drainage system. This process take 3-5 day; results are immediate. Most dramatic results in 72hrs.

What is Laser Lipo?

non invasive procedure that uses laser energy to penetrate and shrink fat cells.  The laser pads heat the fat cells and allow the contents to be released and destroyed. Think of your fat cell as GRAPES! After Ilipo your GRAPES shrinks into a RASINS! 

What is Breat/Butt Enhancement?

non invasive procedure that enlarges different areas. This procedure stimulates the muscles breaks down fatty cells, and tightens the skin in the area. A BBL without all of the risk.