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Procedure Information

What is Boday Cavitation ?

A non invasive procedure! A relatively new service that is being offered by aesthetic/ cosmetic/ beauty industry. During the procedure soundwave are used to disrupt and liquefy fat cells. The liquid fat is then filtered and expelled through the body’s own natural drainage system. This process take 3-5 day. results are immediately, most dramatic in 72hrs.

What is ILipo?

A non invasive procedure . During this procedure, pads are placed on a desired area. These pads allow laser energy to penetrate the fat cells, causing the fat cell to release their stored contents and being to shrink. The Body then flushed the contents through the body’s own natural drainage system .

Think of your fat cell as GRAPES! After Ilipo your GRAPES shrinks into a RASINS! 

What is Radio Frequency?

Reduces wrinkles and sagging skin. Causing tissue to contract immediately!